Well Stimulation
Hydraulic Fracturing in focus

September 20-21, 2016
ABACUS Business & Wellness Hotel****, Herceghalom


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We kindly inform you that the "Well Stimulation – Hydraulic Fracturing in focus Conference" will be held in Herceghalom, at ABACUS Business and Wellness Hotel****on September 20-21, 2016 with the professional support of the Oil-, Gas- and Water Mining Section of the Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society, the MOL Group and the Hungarian Section of the SPE.

The Topics of the Conference

  • Types of formations & reservoirs
  • Formation damage
  • Well stimulation – Acidizing & Hydraulic fracturing
  • Acidizing (matrix & fracture)
  • Acids & acid additives
  • Acidizing process (carbonate & sandstone reservoirs)
  • Acidizing job evaluation techniques
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Mechanics of fracturing
  • Hydraulic fracture geo-mechanics, fracture geometry and the role natural fractures and faults
  • Effects on fracture geometry
  • Hydraulic fracture fluids
  • Other additives and alternative fluids
  • Proppants
  • Hydraulic fracturing job design
  • Hydraulic fracturing job technologies, techniques and equipment
  • Hydraulic fracturing process
  • Fracturing fluid flow-back
  • Surface operations associated with hydraulic fracture
  • Hydraulic fracturing job evaluation techniques
  • Acid fracturing
  • Re-fracturing
  • Other uses of hydraulic fracturing – e. g. Frac-Packs
  • Diagnostic of fracturing
  • Case histories
  • Advanced well stimulation technologies
  • Differences for gas and oil wells stimulation
  • Monitoring stimulation treatments
  • Water management
  • Safety hazards in the well stimulation
  • HSE of well stimulation
  • European Commission recommendation on minimum principles for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons (such as shale gas) using high volume hydraulic fracturing (2014/70/EU)
  • Hungary’s current approach and regulatory framework for well stimulation and hydraulic fracturing

The language of the Conference is English.

President of the Conference: Zsolt Molnár, OMBKE KFVSz

Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee: Árpád Ősz Sr., OMBKE KFVSz (oszarpad46@gmail.com)

Participating professional organizations: MOL Group, SPE Hungarian Chapter

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